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IEM UTM Student Chapter
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The Graduate and Student (G&S) Section of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia was established almost 30 years ago. The main objective of the G&S Section is to cultivate and expose young engineers into the professional engineering world. At the same time, this exposure will enhance their rapport among fellow engineers and acts as a platform for them to embark on a career in engineering.

As at May 1999, the G&S Section has over 6700 members, which amounts to almost half of total IEM membership. Approximately 5200 of this figure comprise of Graduate members, with the balance being Student members. These figures are expected to significantly increase in the near future as a growing pool of technical engineering expertise is necessary to support Malaysias rapid path towards industrialisation.

As the G&S Section sails into the New Millennium foreseeing more challenges ahead, the current Committee has recently spent significant effort to develop a clear vision of the Sections role in IEM. Currrently, the G&S Section is known as IEM UTM Student Chapter.

Our Objective
To cultivate and expose young engineers into the professional engineering world
Our Vision
To continually and progressively support the professional development of Graduate and Student members
Our Mission
To assist members towards professional status
To promote G&S to members
To encourage interaction and fellowship among members